Special Topic: The Reunion

In August 1996, about 300 of us former marchers and families met for our 10-year reunion in our favorite state of Iowa, where the people generously welcomed us in 1986. We stayed at the Jolly Roger Camp Ground at Coraville Lake. Thanks to all the organizers for their efforts to bring us together. Here are some thoughts from those who attended and wrote to the GPM mail list:

From Lindy:

Date sent: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 14:43:29 -0700 (MST)

From: Lindy E Flynn <Lindy.Flynn@nau.edu>

Subject: Frank, Generosity, and PEACE CITY

To: "F. Holmgren" <drol@ix.netcom.com>

Dear Folks, Blessings! and Greetings! Wow! just found out if I send a

reply to Frank and say yes to all receipients I can send to Y'all at the

same time. First I want to say to Frank how much I appreciate the time

he has taken to do this incredible e-mail listing. And to Bea and her

friend that does the homepage - it is wonderful. I am wondering if there

is an online chat set up any time soon??

It was there - absolutely couldn't believe that Peace City IS STILL

THERE! What a confirmation! that it always will be. I hadn't gotten to

any of the other reunions - it took me a long time to get over the grief

I never really got to grieve of losing you all. Of having the incredible

"Place - Space - Love" of the GPM be over in like 24 hrs. Probably

wouldn't have come to this reunion except that Robin really wanted to and

I felt brave. The first 10 hrs. were really overwhelming, then it was

just like old times, a different reunion for each being, 10 different

places (well more), or conversations to be in at any moment. And a

pervasive sense of caring, commitment, good humour and love everywhere.

Robin had a FANTASTIC time connecting with the kids, and having everybody

tell her stories on herself. Martin finally got to feel what I had been

talking about and really liked it and felt at home too. And I came away

with the deepest spiritual understanding that in one way or another we

are all sincerely bonded to each other, friends, companeras, compadres,

fellow travelers, now and forever.

I was an adopted, only child and in my late twenties I wrote a poem

speaking of deep longing for my tribe, for my Home. I have many now -

here Inside, here in Arizona, and always Wherever - the GPM. We look

forward to Carpenteria, and 2000 and whenever we meet again. Our door is

always open to Marchers in the Home here in Flagstaff, AZ (520)527-3752.


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From Alexandra:

Date sent: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 12:30:55 -0600 (MDT)

From: Alexandra Lorraine <goldrose@laplaza.org>

To: Enne <ej@west.net>

Subject: Re: Peace Reunion aka ej

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, Enne wrote:

> Hi to all. I've just returned from a four week road trip. It's nice to

> be home again. I'm now

> sitting at ej's computer, and have just read all the entries since the

> reunion. It really was

> an emotional experience. Quite frankly, since I was travelling so much

> and seeing

> relatives and friends, I had little time to reflect upon the experience.

> Now, after reading

> the guestbook, I am totally overwhelmed by my emotions. A sort of

> delayed reaction. -

> When Endrik (ej) informed me that he was ending the GPM Homepage I felt

> very sad. He

> has worked very diligently on this project for almost a year. So, I

> publicly want to give him

> a great big "THANK YOU" Now that so many of us realize how wonderful it

> is to stay

> connected with each other, it is my fondest hope that someone will be

> able to take over

> this soon to be vacancy. In peace and love--Bea

> Bea Novobilski

> Carpinteria, CA USA - Tuesday, August 27, 1996 at 11:40:08 (PDT)


hello everyone...what all does it take to take over a homepage? i

emailed to ej only not knowing what i was doing...anyway i know next to

nothing about computers, but would hate to see this thing die...it has

reconnected me to some long lost but never forgotten friends...the

reunion was wonderful, exciting, warm, and brought back so many great

memories and even some that were perhaps not so great, but a part of the

whole march experience...my daughter, danielle, now eight wants to know

when we can go on a peace march...any thoughts as to a place i can check

out to find out about any upcoming? i heard that there's one in africa

in two years...

peace, love and joy from alex in taos

From Darryl:

Date sent: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 23:14:36 -0800

To: (GPMer's)az567@lafn.org

From: az567@lafn.org (Darryl Purpose)

Subject: Reunion notes/lucky guy

James Knight said about the Jolly Roger campsite, "It's a minefield of

human interaction."

Steve Carillo said about the week, "The *second* best time of my life"

I'm still feeling warm and fuzzy about the whole thing. It felt to me like

there was a lot of letting go (of expectations, need to control). Just a

warm safe loving place to hang with each other and celebrate what we have

in common.

But then, I'm a very lucky guy. Being a touring singer/songwriter allows me

to pretty much keep the reunion going. Already this year I've seen/stayed

with Marchers in Cape Cod, Vermont, Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit,

Columbus, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, Portland,

Seattle, No Platte, Lincoln, Denver, La Junta, Taos...The list could really

go on a long time!

Tentative upcoming plans include touring up and down the west coast in

Sept/Oct, and the Southwest in Feb. Then, starting about May, I plan on

being in Tennessee, Texas, up and down the East Coast, and back through the

midwest. I'll send itineraries as they become available. Be sure and let me

know if recieving random ascII is a problem for you (I know some servers

charge by the message/text). And likewise, let me know if there's anyone

who *wants * to get these updates, but isn't hooked up.

I'm curious if anybody saved any of the local Iowa press that the reunion

got. I'd like to get a hold of that if possible.

To the folks that ordered CD's & tapes, *Big* thanks, and, they are going

out this week. I still have some of those compilation CV tapes (including

the live, from Russia, version of "Patriot"). I also expect to have some

"Blue" tapes as well well as my current CD - "Right Side Of Zero".

And *please* let me know about any appropriate venues or house concert

opportunities in your area of the country. Although we've had a fair amount

of success with the CD (200 radio stations nationwide are or have been

playing it), It's still very much a grass roots effort, and I'm still on

the cusp of making it (or not making it) actually work as a lifestyle.

Thanks for your help!



btw-Iowa left me so incredibly energized and I was totally able to take

that back into the "real" world. Anybody have a similar experience?

Darryl Purpose


(310) 391-1999