In Memory of Jerry Connor

Jerry Conner 1935-2000

Barstow Jerry. Owl Creek Canyon Jerry. Sign Painter Jerry. White Rabbit Jerry. Grandpa Jerry. Mahatma. Uncle Jerry. And of course, all of our Brother Jer.

No matter which we knew him by this special man made an impact on our lives. Never have I met a gentler, kinder man. Jerry was so much more than anyone who knew him realized. There was the ex army Signal Corps Technician who was stationed in Eritrea. There was the song writer, guitar picker and piano player. There was the poet and philosopher. Recently I was reading through some old letters Jerry had sent me (I saved them all) and I was again amazed and amused by his wonderful philosophical musings. Perhaps my favorite was, "I think therefore I might be. "

The one part of Jerry we ALL knew was the gentle and peaceful soul who walked amongst us. We were so lucky to have walked with this man. Whether it was on the Great Peace March in 1986, the California State Peace March of 1988 or the California Peace Walk to Reclaim the Test Site in 1989, Jerry was with us, walking gently on Mother Earth. So many of us have the bumper sticker that says, "Live simply that others may simply live." But how many of us really live that? Jerry was one of those rare souls who embodied this philosophy.

Jerry has a very special place in my heart. He helped take care of me during one of the most difficult times in my life. He kept my spirits up and gave me the strength to keep walking forward. For this and for so many other gifts I will always love Jerry as I do darn few others. Jerry's body may have left us on January 24, 2000, but his spirit will be with us forever. We would all do well to try and be more like Jerry.

We love you Jerry. And we're waiting for the next *meeting*.

With love and respect...Tracey Brown