In Memory of Bob Goff

From Shelly White:

Unfortunately, I bring you another message of loss. Bob Goff, the elderly peace activist I adopted as my father, died of skin cancer on Sunday night, the 9th of February, just before 10:00 p.m. I was fortunate to be with him when he passed on. Bob would have turned 80 years old on March 3. Many of you may know Bob from Franklin Folsom's book. Bob was responsible for the Great Peace March being able to walk into the State of Utah. He convinced the conservative town and city leaders that they should support us. He is the one who mobilized the peace groups in Salt Lake City to be a part if the march. Bob scouted out our camp sites and helped to obtain camping and water permits. Many of you may remember the apricot leather that Bob made and brought to the Great Peace March as well as many of the other International Peace Walks. I brought him to the 10 year reunion this summer where some of you may have met or seen him for the first time. Bob purchased the peace march tent that Ginny and I lived in during the walk. He also sponsored my trips on the Soviet walks of 1987 and 1988. Bob was active in Pastors for Peace, a humanitarian aid group who brought medical supplies and computers to Cuba for the past five years. He had a beautiful garden and cared about the environment. Bob was the greatest peace activist I know. He founded the South Valley Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City. Bob was a wonderful correspondent and would have said goodbye to those of you who knew him if he'd meen able He would have especially wanted to say goodbye to: Janet Costner, Allan Affeldt, Monica Caulfield, Joe Kinzel, Lori Graff-Kinzel, John windle, Dale Malleck, Josh Stanley, Ruth Zelf, Bill O'Neill, Martin Newmark, Kevin with red hair, Utah peace marchers, the peace march media crew, Wild Wimmin for Peace (with David B.), Collective Vision, and many others. I asked him to give Ginny my love. Take care everyone, Shelley My email address is: